Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Directory of Welsh Breweries pt 1

 I looked at the (now removed) sidebar on my blog which had a few dozen Welsh breweries listed, with links, and noted it was pretty out of date, a few no longer existed, or changed names since I last updated it.

The current number of breweries in Wales is always increasing, so I thought I'd try to give an up to date list as far as I could find.

There were quite a few new to me, a fair few micro-breweries in pubs, but I'm sure I've not listed every one. I've listed almost 70 but I'm sure I heard recently there was approx 80 in total.

I searched a few sites on line including quaffale, beermad, then crosschecked with other blogs, and used the beer list for the GWBCF for 2014 as it was for the first time an all Wales list.
There are a few breweries I have not included, as I've not been able to verify if they are still in production, some seem to have no contact details (web, facebook, twitter). An unscientific method but useful one was to see if anyone is checking their beers in on Untappd or Ratebeer.

The links I give with the breweries were ones I found, mostly web, some facebook and twitter.
If any details are incorrect or missing please leave a comment below and I'll edit accordingly. If you want me to add a brewery,  please provide details, and if you'd prefer for example your twitter account rather then the website I link to, again let me know.
I'm going to try to add in additional links anyway but yours will get updated quicker if you help!!
I am also going to add another page on the site with all the details on it.

Here are the breweries listed A- M
Link to breweries N - W

Axiom Brewing Co.
Brains Craft Brewery   
Brecon Brewing co  
Big Bog Brewing co   
Big Hand Brewery
Bluestone Brewery   
Buzzard Brewery
Boroughs Arms 
Bryncelyn Brewery 
Celt Experience  
Caffle Brewery 
Cerddin Brewery
Coles Brewery
Crafty Devil Brewing Co 
Cwrw Ial  
Cwrw Cader Ales
Cwrw Llyn  Brewery
Denbigh Brewery  
Erddig Brewing Co 
Evans Evans Brewery
Facers Brewery
Felinfoel Brewery 
Geipel Brewing
Great Orme Brewery
Gwaun Valley Brewery  
Gower Brewery 
Grey Trees Brewery    
Gwynt y Ddraig 
Hafod Brewing Co  
Handmade Beer Co   
Hapax/Kingstone Brewery
Heart of Wales/Neuadd Brewing Co  
Heavy Industry Brewing
Hopcraft/Pixie Spring Brewery  
Jacobi Brewery
Kite Brewery    
Llangollen Brewery   
Mantle Brewery  
McGiverns Ales 
Mountain Hare
Mumbles Brewery
Monty's Brewery 

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