Wednesday 17 August 2011

Brewdog Alice Porter

Another welcome addition to the Tesco shelves is Brewdog's Alice Porter. Its a 6.2% abv 330ml bottle of a 'Baltic Porter', looks stylish with an off red colouring, kinda looks the colour of some of my autumn  raspberries currently growing in my plot.

This looks almost black in the glass, held up its the darkest of browns at the edges topped with a great light creamy brown head.

Its aroma is a little muted at first, you notice more as you further in. I got some deep fruits and caramel, coffee, and later the vanilla beans come forward alongside some alcohol.

Medium body, and a herbal taste is one of the first things i notice, coming with caramel and coffee again, those rich fruits, and chocolate although only a little bit. There's a woody bitterness and it lingers.

This was very good, i really enjoyed it. And it surprises you initially as your expecting the usual Brewdog assault with flavours in your mouth but its calmer than that and therefore you prolong the pleasure. 


  1. I've tried it on both cask and in the bottle. It's pretty shit, really.

  2. I'd be keen to try this, having become a fan of the other Brewdog output. But, being a man of principle, and no firend of Tesco - I'll have to wait until I find it elsewhere... ;^(

  3. Tyson - not your kind of breakfast beer then !!

    H - It is different from their usual, but i kinda liked it.

  4. When Matt (North Bar, Leeds) first brewed this on his stag do at Brewdog he took the idea of Flying Dog's Gonzo Porter as the starting point and personally I think its even better.

    A nice ABV and loads of chocolate flavour.

    Ignore Tyson is great in the bottle and even better on cask.