Monday, 28 February 2011

Londis Belgian Lager 5% and 7.9%

Quick couple of days last week during half term down in Tenby, South Wales, and i had a little hunt for new beers to end the days of walking on the beach with the kids.

Unfortunately the deli in the high street where i previously picked up bottles from the Preseli and Cwrw Cwm Gwaun  breweries seemed to be closed down, the Sainsbury offered very limited choice so went to the Londis  which has pleasantly surprised me in the past with some bottled beers it has stocked. This time however it was a very boring choice, the usual suspects, nothing welsh or local either.

I ended up with a couple of cans of their own 'Premium Belgian Lager' 500mls, 5% abv. Very little actual information to say who or where it was brewed, it does tell you 'made in one of Belgium's oldest family breweries, established in 1758........ based in Limbourg province in Flanders'.
It was crisp, lively, good malt base coming through, and not to thin. A little syrup sweetness and dry apple flavour too. Overall not a bad lager, it hit the spot nicely.

The following day i thought i'd sample its big brother the 'Super Strength Belgian Lager' weighing in at 7.9%, - proper 'tramp fuel'!
I was expecting a sickly sweet affair but was pleasantly surprised, nice strong malty base again, less syrupy than the 5% lager in fact, biscuity and it didn't make you think you were drinking rocket fuel, and overall I think i preferred this one on taste alone. 

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