Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pen-lon chocolate stout

A bottle from welsh producers Pen-lon Cottage Brewery. Its a brewery that you hear about in South Wales but i do find it difficult to find their beers on the shelves, Waitrose aside. And thats a shame because their range always looks interesting, their philosophy and style looks honest and very drinkworthy.

This is their Chocolate Stout, 4.5% abv 500mls. A milky medium body on the tongue, small head, and it was eager to get out of the bottle! A little spillage on the wife's newly washed floor but what she doesn't know.....
Anyway its smooth, light on the roasted malts, slight metallic hints and a light chocolate follow through. Its certainly got a dairy'ish quality about it, and it has a long dry finish too. Earthy aroma noted too.

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