Friday, 4 March 2011

Vale of Glamorgan 'Light Headed'

This is a bottle conditioned beer from the Barry based brewery Vale of Glamorgan (VoG) called Light Headed, a 500ml 4% abv bitter. The picture on the bottle like some of their other labels is a local landmark, if i'm right it's the lighthouse at Nash Point, South Glamorgan.
This shows of a nice light tan brown, very little head which soon dissipates. Aroma was mostly malty, with tangy hops, like a rich warm orange. The  beer itself is reasonable crisp, lively, medium malt base in the taste, with something fruity and juicy hiding in there. Reasonable bitterness, tannin also, short finish noted.

Overall not a bad beer from VoG, not their best but i would certainly be happy to drink it again.

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