Thursday, 16 September 2010

Preseli Brewery - Even Keel

Preseli Brewery "Even Keel"
Back down to Pembrokeshire for this ale, as i mentioned in a previous post i picked this up in Tenby last month having tried their two other offerings earlier in the year. The Preseli brewery are actually based in Tenby, other than that i know very little. The website appears untouched since setting up, and an entry on the quaffale directory gives little more information.

Even Keel is a 3.8% bitter probably what you would term a 'session ale' and it went down very quickly. With a light malt taste and some hop aroma, pleasant enough but not terribly exciting. The kind of drink you would have again but if there was something else on offer you would try that first.
The two other ales from them, Old Mariners and Baggywrinkle * i didn't make notes on at the time but do remember them being uninspiring, certainly Even Keel is the better of the three.
I suppose with a new brewery only a year old you cannot expect Bocks or chocolate wheat beers just yet, they need to get established in the market first, i shall keep my eye on them as there is potential for a large market for them down in South West Wales alongside the Cwrw Cwm Gwaun brewery.

*In case your wondering a baggywrinkle apparently is a
  "A home made substance to prevent chafe on sails from lifts, stays and crosstrees during long periods of sail." (The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea) and the name of a Swansea Shanty group too.


  1. Yes your right, and i have found out something else about this bottle, bit odd, i'll post about it soon.