Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lancaster Black

A bottle picked up in a dash to Asda the other day, 500 mls 4.6% stout. Nice simple clean design on the bottle. Pours a nice deep brown with light tan fluffy head, an aroma of caramel and light chocolate. Its quite a smooth drink, moderate in everything - chocolate, roasted malt, earthy bitterness, light bodied but not thin.

Its all very pleasant but nothing jumps down your throat saying 'here i am'! But there's nothing wrong with that, i'd happily drink this again, if the abv was a little lower it would make a great session beer too, probably very good on cask.


  1. I've had this as well. It's very middle of the road, but by no means unpleasant. Would happily take a pint of this over most things in a non-beer-lovers bar. Which for me is a good barometer of beer. If there's only carling or guiness, would you have a pint? For me the answer is a firm yes.

    Also interesting that you'd consider this a bit strong to session. What would you consider 'session strength'? I know historically its anything below 4% but for me the mid 4percents arent too risky either.

  2. I've not tried this one and will buy one when I next see it but I think I'll your comments translate well to their Amber and Blonde - nice label, looks good in the glass, taste is fine - but that's about it - all very [baron rating 3/5] for me.

    Lancaster Amber [baron rating 3/5] - this 3.7% amber ale has a toffee & gentle citrus hops smell,crisp slightly sweet taste & bitter finish

    My 'baron rating' of the Blonde[3/5] is a 'draft' at the mo...

  3. A sneak preview Baron rating - i'm honoured! ;)

    Neil - these days i never go to the pub for a 'session', rarely i get to the pub so i'm having one of those, that one next... .
    Saying that i would have a few of these 4.5%'s at home, a session i suppose, perhaps yes i was saying a <4% in the traditional sense.