Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock

This was the second smoked beer i picked up last month, the other being their Marzen. This is their Urbock, strong at 6.5% abv, volume is 500mls. Its brewed once a year, and is stored for a month longer than the Marzen, and uses more malt in the brewing process too.
Rather than apprehension like last time, its excitement on opening this one.Once again you get the definite smell of smoked ham, and a more richer malt aroma.

Quite smooth and creamier, but a little more carbonation i think which helps in it the mouth. Smoke, spicy, sweeter also a little i think.
This is a brilliant beer, i enjoyed it so much more than the Marzen, and i honestly think its less smokey than it also, because it seems really well balanced. So so good, go out and find one!

I had this with a pepperoni and chizio pizza which went really well together. The smoke, meat and creaminess of the cheese matched the beer.


  1. Good work with that light box, it really makes a difference.

  2. cheers, went for an arty shot :) but the improved background and lighting helped

  3. Been looking for this one for a while. Where can you get it from?

  4. It was from that Cardiff beer shop. I'll keep an eye out.