Friday, 18 February 2011

Evan Evans Cwrw (Welsh Ale)

This is the first time i've seen Evan Evans beers down my way in S.E Wales, interestingly not long after the financial news of its 'complicated company restructure'.
I would link their website but it does not appear to be working.

This is their 'Cwrw' which is welsh for beer or ale. Its a bitter 4.2% abv, darker golden in colour as you can see, small bubbly head that stayed all the way down. Fruity aroma, malty too.

As you are drinking it you'll get light caramel tones, melon, a fruity malt taste comes over the top and its a bit grassy too. A nice drying finish.

I was a little surprised as i was expecting some standard unexciting bottled bitter, but its a little bit more than that, though not a huge amount.
It stopped me thinking i'd wasted my money on it, but i do wonder if I get to try Evan Evans other beers that they are all similar to this, that this is their style, and therefore it is in-distinctive after all. Suppose i'll just have to try more then.

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