Saturday, 12 February 2011

Six nations Blues.

A Mitchell & Butlers Blueberry ale review.

As an Englishman from the south coast rugby was not a huge part of growing up, i think i may have played it at school but it was briefly if i did.
When i moved to Wales i soon became aware how big rugby was to them, but was surprised at the hostility to English people. I'm a football man, and obviously support England but if my mates and i watched a Wales, Scotland or Ireland football match we would be cheering them on. Since living here i've found it hard to continue supporting Wales because of the xenophobic attitudes i encounter. It doesn't offend me as such but it kinda disappoints and conversely amuses me, i mean i've had learn about rugby in order to be able to joke with/take the piss out of, my colleagues.

Anyway this is a beer blog isn't it? So a friend asked suggested we go to the Athletic club across the road from me to watch Wales vs Scotland, although if i say the only sport conducted there seems to be Crown bowls, you understand what type of athletic club it is, but its kinda cool in a old style way, comfortably ageless.
Unfortunately  its awash with Brains smooth this and smooth that, Brains dominate this area with dull and smooth keg beer, occasionally you find cask Dark which is good, and i've recently become taken with Brains Black, their attempt to take on the Guinness market in Wales. It does have two cask beers on though, recently its always Courage Directors on one, the other today was Mitchell & Butlers Blueberry ale.
So after watching England rollover Italy easily and wandered over for the match and started with said Blueberry ale. Served in good condition, good carbonation, nice medium to light body, underlying malt base  and light hop aroma. The blueberry is evident in the aroma too, and i feared it was going to be overly sweet and sickly but it not, its a strong flavour but the drying aspect of blueberries comes through nicely to balance it.
Wales won the match, poor match it has to be said from my limited understanding of the game, and i went home and drank a bottle of Meantime's London Porter. 750 mls of (English) quality.
Lets all hold hands and sing.......... we are the world...............

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