Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Black Velvet

Valentines Day, the day in the year where men are expected to fork out for the woman in their life, and usually get little in return. Fortunately my wife is sensible enough to suggest that money spent on cards and ridiculous gifts could be better spent on a decent bottle of wine and a bloody huge slab of steak.
Nothing says i love you more than congesting your partners colon and pickling their liver!

Anyway last week I received a gift at work for being good at my job, and whilst my colleagues enjoyed their box of biscuits, I am looking at a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne.

I'm not a big champagne fan to be honest, a little at a toast is more than enough for me, and so the sensible part of me thought immediately of Valentines night. Obviously i was not going to be able to tell the wife i had got it specially for the 14th, she'd never believe me, but i thought we'd enjoy it.
I then remembered in a Nigella Lawson book a drink called a Black Velvet - Guinness and Champagne.
I used Guinness FES for this. You are supposed to pour the champagne first, then the guinness on the back of a spoon and it looks like this.

Anyway, I'd liked to say it looked bloody marvelous... but it didn't, they both mixed together. But it tasted smooth, hint of the bitterness with the dryness of the champagne sitting in the centre, quite nice.
Actually i was most surprised that i quite enjoyed the champagne on its own, obviously I have to have the quality stuff to appreciate it!!

Beer post next time i promise, i'm aiming to be at the Cardiff beer shop tomorrow so hopefully i'll post goodies galore.

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