Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sharp's Monsieur Rock

Just as Sharp's head brewer Stuart Howe embarks on a year's round of brewing collaborations i managed to get hold of his last effort, brewed with Orval maestro Jean-Marie Rock.
'Monsieur Rock' is a lager brewed with Saaz Hops, full details are are on Stuarts blog throughout last year.
Its a beer that's been widely talked about on the beer blogs, and those reviewing are ranging from generally positive up to gushing (nothing wrong with that either, its still an opinion).
Probably one word which has been used in a lot of those reviews too was 'drink-ability', and rightly so. It has the thirst quenching factor in spades, but combines it with what i would call the 'nod-factor' (or is it the 'head tilt' factor?!). When you take a mouthful of a beer and for that second you pause, nod to yourself saying 'damn that's good!'.Thats what this beer has.
Not wishing to be crude, but as a nurse i would say its colour is a good urine sample pale yellow. Sorry.
Lots of carbonation, a little bubble bath head on top. Aroma was to me a whiff of light lemon, and fresh apricot when you tear one open. On the tongue i thought it reminded me of a recent kids sherbet sweet I had, light and lemony fizzles, some pine and grassy notes, dryish apple. Afterwards there is a nice light bitterness, but you soon cover that with your next mouthful, as reported: drink-ability. A very good beer, buy some if you can, if its still around in the summer (if we get one) it'll be the perfect drink.
Its also a damn photogenic bottle!

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