Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter

I opened this on Boxing Day after a day visiting the in-laws and entertaining the kids. With them tucked up in bed i opened the Taddy Porter and hoped it was as good as their Oatmeal Stout.
It is almost black in the glass with a light chocolate creamy head.
The aroma is also a milky chocolate and coffee, lovely. This follows through in the mouth, wonderful smoothness, a slight burnt smokiness, more chocolate and coffee bitterness, and i felt it almost had a little cherry like sweetness.
Last time i beer shopped in Cardiff and picked this up they also had the Samuel Smith Imperial Stout amongst others, i think thats next on my list!

bigger picture here


  1. When I used to work for Sam Smith's I drank this when I was bored of the Old Brewery Bitter. Lovely stuff, it's just such a shame they won't cask it.

  2. the shop i mentioned has several bottles of theirs, including some fruit beers. You recommend the Bitter, or anything else? (stout excepted)