Monday, 10 January 2011

A Paulaner Oktoberfest, De Koninck, and a Brewdog Zeitgeist

A couple more from the bottle box i picked up the other day, this time my first Oktoberfest beer, and a well known name - De Koninck. And then one i found on the shelf for the first time in a Tesco's near me, namely Brewdog Zeitgeist. Which is a little weird as i had only just read the night before The Baron's review of this beer. And he made it sound like i would be stupid to leave it on the shelf.

So Saturday whilst watching last Sunday's Zen, which was rather good, i opened the zeitgeist (330mls, 4.9% abv). Great label, very cool looking, nice artwork. In the glass its a deep deep brown almost black body, very little head. It has a slightly sweet berry flavour and a light chocolate bitterness, a light creamy body. This was very enjoyable, I'll pick up some more definitely.

Last night i opened the other two mentioned above, firstly the Paulaner Oktoberfest which was a refreshing start to the evening, its golden body shimmering through the glass, with good carbonation. Aroma was sweet, honey and some malt. Taste was again slightly malty with a light syrupy quality. It was not bad and i could see if i was given a few more they would go down quickly, although i suspect and i'm not sure why but this is the sort of beer that stinking hangover's are made from.

I moved onto the De Koninck next, a small 25cl bottle at 5% abv, which apparently when they filtered and pasteurized it, they had the taste filtered out too. Its strange, its not a bad beer, very drinkable but i was struggling to find any aroma or flavours at all. Very carbonated, little head, as it warmed a little there was a crisp apple aroma but that was it. Taste wise it had the faintest hint of sweet malt and caramel, very little alcohol for a 5% beer. Strangely also it had a medium body, i would have thought it would be thinner. Perhaps i missing something in this. Still as a refreshing evening beer its easy, an uncomplicated drink that went down well.

Edited 10/1/11 for spelling. I will be definitely be picking up more zeitgeist, not defiantly picking it up. Although Brewdog probably like the defiance element. 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I was a bit on edge as to what you would think :)

    What ABV was the Paulaner Oktoberfest?

  2. Always trust the Baron!!

    my bottle went out for the recycling on monday unfortunately, and i cant find it on their site but ratebeer list it as 6%.