Friday, 14 January 2011

Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Pale Ale

So far from Samuel Smith i've had the Oatmeal Stout and the Taddy Porter which were both excellent bottled beers, so lets go for 3 out of 3 shall we?
I have high hopes also as people commenting here on Samuel Smith beers generally have nothing but high praise for them, another reason i picked up several of their bottles last time. Still in the box is their India Ale and (really looking forward to) the Imperial Stout.
I actually opened this a couple of nights ago, but visitors and a poorly daughter have kept me from reviewing it.
5% and 550mls of copper coloured lovelyness.
As expected a wonderfully smooth drink, creamy head, biscuit malt aroma and a little floral perfume too. Taste is a light caramel malt, this goes down so well, you've drunk half before you realise and i had to think about what i had just tasted! Hoppy dry end to it with a little light bitterness.
Although this doesn't stand out proud like the above mentioned bottle in their line, its extremely drinkable and a great example of quality brewing.


  1. Some very odd things happening at Sam Smiths at the moment. A rogue website formed by it's own staff for one. With the double 'SS' written like a certain Nazi sign in certain parts of it.

    Not a happy camp.

  2. soon to be ex-staff i presume.