Monday, 27 December 2010

Goose Island Honkers Ale

Goose Island is another of those US breweries which always appears in all those 'best beers in the world' books, and this beer is one of those featured, their 'Honkers ale'.

A 4.2% bottled bitter, this was the only one by Goose Island the shop had but it was worth it.
It pours a lovely creamy head and has an amber colour.
The aroma was a beautiful floral and orange affair, a little bready also.
Its got a good medium creamy body, flavour coats the mouth with fruitiness, a biscuity malt, a good medium amount of bitterness, just right.


  1. A beauty!

    I'd say "just right" is just right.

    Loved this one.

  2. its one of those beers which i wish i'd had a couple more that night, a mini session on this would be bliss i think.