Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gotta Lotta Bottle pt 2.

In starting construction of the light box I pretty much followed the web advice, my box was not quite square, and the longer sides were a little flexible so rather than remove the top flaps I cut them down and doubled them over and tapped them up for a little extra stability.

I actually used a sheet of A1 white card rather than order ‘Bristol board’ and for the material I bought the cheapest white sheet from Tesco. I fitted the white card inside and glued it in, and then put the longer curved length in. Masking tap placed the material around the outside.

I bought a cheap desk lamp and placed the brightest bulb I had but as you see from this photo this is not adequate. I need to get a bulb similar to the one described in the instructions. However the first shots i took are not to shabby, i'll put them up next.


  1. Arn, I think you'll need a bulb something like this;

    (although your lamp looks like it may be screw-fit not bayonet, so you may have to do some shopping around.)

    You wont believe the difference in quality of light though. Different gear. I work from home and use one in the office.

  2. Making a light box for beer-pictures is on my New Years resolution list. I'll be interested to see how your pictures come out!


  3. Mark - i've spied some bulbs similar to that one in a local store so hopefully improvement soon.

    Lost - the picture on my latest post is from the box, the picture just needed a little brightening only in photoshop, until said bulb appears.