Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Erdinger Weissbier & Grolsch Weizen

Your author was an idiot tonight, going in for a night shift when i was not supposed to be working. Doh!
So on my return i opened a Brains Black and wrote up my notes on two wheat beers that soothed me the other night.
There is something comforting about wheat beers i find, soothing, comforting, they make you sink into the furniture, but the lightness and spices keep you floating just enough with their freshness
The first was one i think i have had before but never wrote up or photographed. Erdinger Weissbier, lovely hazy golden in colour, a thick creamy and foamy head. The body holds so well in the mouth, smooth, good carbonation, banana, vanilla, yeasty and crisp. Solid.
The second i have not seen before, in fact i cannot remember when i last had a Grolsch pilsner full stop, it must be 15 years at least. I will rectify that soon, although i do not recall seeing it in any shops recently.
Grolsch (premium) Weizen, a similar golden colour, another frothy white head, perhaps not as creamy as the Erdinger. The Grolsch has slightly more pronounced clove and banana aroma, but is that because i tasted it second and it was thus fresher in my memory?. Slightly sweeter, banana and clove again, fruitier and wheaty.

Two lovely beers, and i could have had 2-3 more of either of them, although if i have to say then the Erdinger was preferred.


  1. Have been a fan of Erdinger for years and enjoy all of their beers. Have even visited Erding or was it Aying? All those Bavarian towns do tend to blur into one!

  2. i think i'll pick a few new ones next time i'm at the cardiff beer shop.

  3. Just had the Grolsch and I totally agree about the feeling of sinking into the furniture. Lovely taste and very refreshing. :)