Saturday, 15 January 2011

Brains Festival Cheer

A belated Christmas entry here, bottles have just appeared on my Tesco's shelf or i only just noticed them which could be accurate also.
Although this bottled is labeled Festive Cheer, on the Brains website their seasonal beer is called 'Fir King Good Ale' but then to confuse things they also use the name Festive Cheer in the beer's description.
Onto the beer, 4% and 500mls, and if we go back to the website they say its:
An ale full of rich flavours for the festive period. Brewed using Aromatic Malt and bursting with a medley of spicy hop flavours.
Festive Cheer is a deep amber coloured ale with a warming finish.

It has very little aroma, a little spice, certainly cinnamon and clove. Taste has a peppery element, and those spices again. Some toffee in there too.
No evidence of the warming finish, and I think to say 'bursting' with flavour would be rather strong, but its not a bad beer, very light and easy to drink.


  1. Not seen that in Tesco. Had a few pints of the Fir King Good on draught in the Goat and City Arms before Christmas, found it okay but not outstanding.

  2. Talbot Green tesco.
    I do think its Fir King Good relabelled for bottle sales, well thats what guess from the confusing website.