Monday, 31 January 2011

Marks & Spencer Cheshire Brown Ale

 Another produced by the Frederic Robinson breweryfor the Marks & Spencer range, 4.7% and 500mls, costing £1.99 I think.
It has a nice reddish brown colour, minimal bubbly head which dissipated soon.
Aroma - malts, reasonable strongish malts at that, nutty.
In the mouth its got light body (as the bottle says), flavour that seems to work its way around the whole mouth, strong malt again, smooth and a light caramel hit.
Whether this is a good representation of the style of a 'brown ale' i'm not qualified to say, I'll leave that to others to declare but i found this a perfectly pleasant pint, very drinkable.

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  1. To be fair, the M&S beers, usually brewed by pro brewers, aren't a bad bunch. Not tried this one but the Southwold IPA (Adnams) and the Summer Ale (Crouch Vale) are both really nice.

  2. There's only a couple i have not liked of the range over the last 2 years, that Adnams IPA was very good indeed.