Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rising Sun 'Bloody Stout'

 From the Far East comes a special bottle, an oatmeal stout recipe, with an added essence. Blood. O+ precisely, which is over here the most common blood group but thus also the most required. Perhaps its a rarer group in Japan hence the exclusive limited run of 1000 bottles by the Shai-Hulud brewery. 


Okay so i'm joking but the reason for the above was a curious few search results that ended up at this blog over Christmas. As i commented before the tracker i have on this site shows the search queries that lead here, usually 'brewdog ipa tesco' or some variant of this.
I sometimes get blood/stout ones because of the blog title, i presume people googling whether stout is good for your blood.
Recently following the post on the Old Bear's Christmas Pudding ale i got quite a few linking stout and adding it to the christmas pud, and a few 'blood pudding' hits also.
But the one that creeped me out just a little was originating from Japan that had googled 'can i drink my blood in a stout' or something similar, i cannot remember the exact phrase. 
I'm sure it was just a miss-phrasing or mis-translation but it was one that made me look twice!

Unless of course Ilan at the  Bike for Beer blog is getting really adventurous in that Japanese brewery!!!  Mind you Stuart Howe probably beat him to it.

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