Thursday, 6 January 2011

A dull day turns good.

A manual handling study day is not the most exciting thing in the world, in anyones world. But on the plus side it meant i was around the corner from the Cardiff beer shop mentioned in previous posts. Seeing as i worked all over New Year on nights i thought a little treat was in order.


Paulaner Oktoberfest - never had an oktoberfest beer, there was a choice of 3 but i choose this one.
De Koninck Belgian beer
Samuel Smith Old brewery pale ale - yup i went for another Sam Smith, well actually 3 of them!!
Samuel Smith India Ale
Samuel Smith Imperial Stout
Durham Brewery Evensong - where as last time they had a few of this brewery's bottles and i was, on ChrisM  advice hoping to get their stout Temptation, but this was the only bottle left on the shelf! not complaining i'm sure it'll be good stuff.
Marble Dobber
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier  Marzen and Urbock. - smoked beers, i felt the need to try these, why not?

Again there was alot of choice, i was almost tempted by the Cantillon gueuze but it was a bit pricey, next time i will pick up an Afflingem blond, and Westmalle tripel, and they had the Australian Coopers sparkling ale which i almost took off the shelf this morning.


  1. I get spoilt for choice in that shop everytime I go in.

  2. i got chatting to the guy on the till, asked if he would get any other US beers in stock, some in his catalogue were stupidly priced, but he might look at other Sierra Nevada beers other than there Pale ale. fingers crossed.

  3. Nice selection you have there. I recommend the Cantillon as it is top notch (even with the price, it is something worth trying... just be ready for sour). The rauchbiers are good, but they can be REALLY intense. Try with a heavy meaty dish and it will go very nicely.

    @arn, if you can find the kellerweis over there, try it. Amazing. Currently out now for SN is Celebration Ale, their Christmas IPA, which is solid. Torpedo Double IPA is a good one as well.

  4. Good choices! two favorites of mine there - Marble Dobber and Sam Smiths Imperial Stout, 2 Excellent English beers. Love me some Cantillon beer, guezue rocks, but I have to draw the line at rauch I'm afraid.

  5. i thought it was your new year resolution to try it again!.

    I'm of to open it now btw (Rauchbier Marzen), with some german ham on the side.

  6. I will bring myself to face a bottle at some point, just at some point throughout the year ;) I want to like it cos I love smoked meats!