Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Brewdog Abstrakt AB04

I've had this in the shed for a good six months after i bought it on ebay - and for the same price as it was originally sold for so no profiteering by the seller then.
One of the Abstrakt range, limited edition beers from Brewdog, this one was brewed as an 'Imperial Stout with coffee, cocoa, Naga chilies (the hottest in the world), and champagne yeast.' and 15% abv!

Yes its a big picture. Its a bloody big beer!!
After needing my penknife pliers to finish opening the bottle as the wire cage snapped halfway through unwinding i got the cork out. Loads of smoke from the bottle, it poured a large dark creamy brown head although that soon disappeared to leave the smallest of rings on the top.

There is certainly heat from the aroma, the chilli spice is upfront and reminds me of the strong chillies i've  planted, grown and prepared. There is also vanilla and oak, and the coffee is big too (as a non coffee drinker its so noticeable).
Colour is so black, as black as the soul of a japanese manga artist. And it has such an oily viscosity too.
Taste is also heat, coffee, chocolate, oak (again, as a person who cannot stand oak aged wines, it stood out alot) and cigars. A short but noticeable capsicum tingle.

Sipped slowly it was a little hard work getting through to the end, not to say it was not enjoyable, sometimes you see the word 'complex' over-used a lot about beers but i think in this case its very apt.

Was it worth the tenner they sell it for? Probably not but i do not feel robbed, I've payed alot less for bottles and felt hard done with what i got. It was an experience and an interesting one at that. Would i buy another one in the range if i had the opportunity? Quite possibly yes.

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