Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Orkney Blast

Swannay Brewery or Highland Brewing Co. ? or both? The label does have both names on it, although the website  is addressed as Highland.
Speaking of which, the label has a great duo of army(!) mer-people (yes mermaids etc), taken from a WW2 Orkney newspaper, and also gives advice that this beer can be used to replace wine as it accompanies most foods, serve at 12C or 'a wee bit cooler with seafood'.

This bottle of Orkney Blast is a 500mls 6% abv, appears not to be a bottle conditioned beer.

Pours a golden orange with a short lasting bubbly white head, immediate fruity and malt aroma, hops, sharp and clean appearance, some apple also? 

Its quite light and fresh in the mouth, hop bitterness come through and lingers, alongside a sweetness almost honey like. Slight floral perfume taste about it too, and pine.

Very enjoyable, i'd certainly recommend it to anyone reading this, i'd certainly drink this again, which by the way seems no where near its stated 6%.

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