Monday, 23 May 2011

Naylors Draymans Delight

This is the second Naylors beer i have had, the first being the interesting  Bradford Lad. 

Draymans Delight is a best bitter 4.8%abv 500mls and bottle conditioned.
A nice marmalade orangy colour as you see with nice white head frothing up.
Light sweet malts and citrus aroma, and it was nicely light, dry with citrus sharpness. Fruity, definitely orange, digestive type sweet malt, good and hoppy.
Very good bitter indeed.


  1. IMO this is probably the best Naylor's beer. ON cask, they aren't bad at all, but I always find the conditioning of thier bottles a little off the mark. This is a good beer, though.

  2. The shop i got tis from has others in the range, any recommendations?