Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Augustijn Donker

A third bottle from the Lidl box set  the second bottle from the Augustijn label although i'm not sure about the description it gives. On the back it says 'This authentic blond Monastic beer...'  despite the words 'Dark' and 'Brune' right above it. Now i'm no way an expert on beer styles but how is this a Blond? My photo does make it look dark than it is but it was a good medium red brown in the glass.

Augustijn Donker
7%,  330mls.
 It has a frothy off white head,  sweet caramel aroma and malty. It has an inital alcohol hit but very quickly it fades, appears like a massive heavyweight but with a glass chin.
When you swallow it has real sweet notes in your throat, vanilla, and its fizzy, well carbonated but lightly done. The sweetness is sugary not syrupy, and overall its an okay beer but not outstanding, not really memorable, a bit Belgium -by-numbers.

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