Monday, 2 May 2011

Leute Bokbier and Augustijn Grand Cru

Quick reviews, I've just done my third 12hr shift in 4 days and need a beer.
Two bottles from the Lidl box of 6 belgium beers (for £9.99) that i was alerted to by blogger Birkonian

First up - Leute Bokbier -   7.5% Belgium strong beer 330mls.
Notes: a gorgeous smell, invitingly warm going down, so strong with raisins and malt, i wrote malty twice in my notes! Sweet to taste, so smooth, its deep brown colour topped with a creamy head, almost like a whipped cream, and it had hints of coco powder too, so nice, really good.

2nd bottle: Augustijn Grand Cru, 9% 330mls
Immediately an aroma of pears drops, I've often read bloggers mentioned them, never come across them before but to me in this beer its really obvious. It also has an aroma and taste of nail varnish/acetone, a real acidic element but thats coupled with a syrupy sweetness thats not totally pleasant.  The sweetness reminds me of cheap runny honey. I finished it but not a great beer to my mind.


  1. Just found these beers in my local lidl for the same price. Just drank the leute and currently on the grand cru. Agree with both description on the main part although i think the grand cru is a little more complex.

  2. there was a couple of really good beers in that box, and as its back in the shops now i might pick it up again.
    the other Belgian four packs they have in store i have seen favorably reviewed elsewhere.