Sunday, 29 May 2011

Brains 'The Rev. James'

If i go into a Brains pub, and they are hard to avoid if you want a pint in South Wales such is Brains's domination of the market, i'll usually go for either Dark, Black or The Rev. James.

Despite their insistence on 'smoothing' a lot of their beers, why we need smooth Dark and IPA i really dont know (well i do, its easy to drink and you thus more, more in their tills), Brains do make some pretty good cask ales, Dark being a great example.

Brains have recently announced a large refurbishment which is welcome as a lot of the pubs are shabby and tired. I had a lunch recently in the 'Merrie Harriers', very decent pub food and a nice half of 'Dark' but the interior really needs updating badly. After the success of their work on the 'City Arms' lets hope the programme rolls out swiftly.

Anyway, into my possession came a 4 pack of The Rev. James, 4.5% abv 440ml cans. A great session drink the Rev., even if slightly above the considered abv of a session beer.
Enjoyable on cask lets try this lot. I've had it in bottles but dont believe i've had cans before, perhaps i should also try a comparison another day.

A red copper bronze colour, it has biscuit malty aroma with some dark fruits. Reasonable amount of malt and toffee, good spice profile which comes along with a good dryness. Moderate bitterness, and a thin to medium body which makes it all in all a very quaff-able drink.

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