Friday, 27 May 2011

Batemans St. George's Glory

Purchased from Aldi the other day, £1.49 500mls bottle, 4.1% abv and 'what legends are made of' and will 'put fire in my belly' apparently.
The Aldi website lists it as being available from early last month but its the first time i've seen it on the shelves and I also do not see it listed on the Batemans website.

I really REALLY want to do this review without using the words 'typical Batemans' btw, lets see how i do.

Copper bronze colour, little foamy white head. Medium malt aroma and slightly spicy.
Medium body with reasonable strong malt backbone, again quite a predominately spicy and earthy kick, and its quite drying in the mouth, with the bitterness lingering at the side and back of my mouth.

It is a Batemans beer, no question about that when you taste it, but its one of the better ones. Not quite a 'top four' (XB, XXXB, Dark Lord, Victory), more a top ten league position really.

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