Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thank you Cornwall.

Well our holiday to Cornwall may be over, and it was great fun again, so much that re-booking by all three families for next year is in process, but i brought home some beers to keep the memory lingering a bit longer.

The selection of most shops does seem to be limited to Sharp's, St. Austell and Skinners mostly with the occasional smaller brewer getting a beer in there, and that was the same for the pubs we visited. Some good pints of Doom Bar were sunk, some indifferent ones too, and the same to be said for St. Austell beers really, going from one good conditioned Proper Job to a flattish Tribute in the next place.
In an attempt to find a cask beer by another brewer we popped into the Wadebridge social club and found a lovely pint by Dartmoor brewery, although its name escapes me.
But fun was had by all, our livers severely pickled!! Luckly i'm on a run of night shifts now to give it a chance to recover!

We had a great morning on the beach at Rock across from Padstow, and then popped into the Sharps brewery shop. The friendly chap serving said unfortunately there was no Massive Ale or St Enodoc Double available, and teased us by showing the last bottle, not for sale, of the Honey Spiced Triple. I picked up the two Rick Stein collaboration beers which i passed up on last year, and also took a few of the new Single Brew Reserve 2010. I did try one of these last week, no notes, but hazily remember a light pleasant beer with massive foamy head, well hopped.

From another shop i picked up two bottles from the  Atlantic brewery Discovery range, another collabaration with a chef , this with Nathan Outlaw. These bottles are intended to partner food, with detailed descriptions given on the label for guidence. It'll be interesting to try these as i was not overly impressed with their 'core' range beers when i tried them last year.

The Penpont brewery Porter was the first beer i blogged about here when starting last year, and very nice it was too, so i gladly picked up 3 more of their bottles from the shelf. They are the oddly named 'An Howl', 'Roughter' and more normal 'Cornish Gold' although as you can see from the picture the last one is hand labeled, and a quick look on the website gives no information so i'll try and get some information from them via email before i blog it.

One other beer we drank was bottles of my Brubox North German Pilsner, so i'll get a post up about that soon too.

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