Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saison Dupont

As soon as it poured its fluffy pillow white head, on top of a gorgeous golden body, and floated its citrus, peppery, and hints of banana notes under my nose i knew i would love this beer.
The fresh liveliness across the tongue, lemon and orange, the hops working exquisitely, causing a tartness also.
The pepper has a comeback also, with some floral lightness lifting this beer around the mouth, but there's a dryness that reminds me of barely ripe conference pear. 
Such a gentle beer in a way, you imagine sunny lazy days, wheat fields swaying in the breeze while this nectar sits in a glass in your hand and you sip it with a smile growing across your face.

Bigger picture on flickr


  1. Not had this in a long long time. Must get some this summer.

  2. a really nice, well written write-up of a great beer.

    Making me look forward to my first beer garden beer even more!

  3. Thanks Neil, Rob.

    This is one i'll certainly keep an eye out for again, very enjoyable

  4. That is just an amazing beer. One of my absolute favorites.