Saturday, 19 March 2011

Quantock Brewery Beers

After a long week and a half of nights, a study day on management, and then back onto long days, one thing on Thursday had me smiling and giggling like a kid at Christmas. From Quantock Brewery in Wellington, Somerset, Rob very kindly has sent me a box of their beers to review, including their SIBA double award winning 'Quantock Stout'.
As i now have almost a weeks holiday coming up i am hoping to end each day relaxing and enjoying a new beer.
Reviews will following on:
Quantock Ale, a 3.8% amber ale
Sunraker, 4.2% golden ale
White Hind, a 4.5% bitter
Wills Neck, 4.3% late hopped golden ale
Quantock Stout 4.5% SIBA winner
Royal Stag 6.0% IPA.
Again many thanks to Rob at Quantock.

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  1. A nice selection of bottled ales there, all ones that I've not baron rated yet and it's nice to see someone else in the beer blogging world saying thank you for the beers they have received! :)

  2. They were very generous indeed, i've just started my week of so bring them on!!