Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lindemans Faro

An interesting experience again with a Lindemans beer.
This is their Faro, a lambic beer blended with sugar, i picked it up last month in Cardiff, its silver foil wrapping promising sophisticated beer drinking. And i was quite surprised when popping the cap to find a cork underneath as well, combined with the label its all very stylish indeed.

Once that was removed a fruity yeasty smell hits you immediately. It a lovely copper colour with a small white head, and again its aromas promise a bittersweet taste. Its tarty, sweet apples, yeasty, musty, the candy sugar they add at bottling is strong but the whole thing is quite heavy in the mouth, very good. It taste mature, with cherries and a champagne like finish.

Overall quite an enjoyable beer, i recommend trying it if you see it on a shelf somewhere.

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