Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Vale of Glamorgan Chocs Away!

Vale of Glamorgan brewery based in Barry, South Wales, is probably my closest microbrewery. They have a selection of 5 cask ales now since starting in 2005 with occasional specials/seasonal ales, and now extended the bottle range to versions of their latest cask ales.

This is their chocolate beer, 4.5% Chocs Away, and immediately you get a nice light chocolate aroma followed by coffee.

As they correctly say on the label its a lovely mahogany colour. It has a little head that doesn't last, smooth chocolate taste again the coffee and roasted malt coming on. Quite a light taste, not as punchy as some chocolate beers but its nicely balanced and i could imagine having a few more easily.

They produced a great Christmas ale last year called 'Holly Daze' , which had a good rich malty and fruit taste, and their current version of their bitter 'Bitter than ever' is also very good, good hoppy aroma, medium bitterness, good sweetness also briefly, showing a lovely colour.

Next on my shopping list is the wheat beer 'Wheats Occurring' (pun groan!) and the other bitter 'Light Headed', but as i'm working now for 3 nights they'll have to wait!!
Also next up waiting in the wings is Welsh breweries based in the South West. These are from the Preseli Brewery, Tenby and the Cwrw Cwm Gwaun brewery, Pembokeshire.

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