Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Celt Experience - Bleddyn 1075

Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075
The Celt Experience are i understand a sister company to the Newmans brewery now based in Caerphilly South Wales, winning not only Cardiff Design Festival Awards 2009 but local and national SIBA awards too.
I bought the four bottles currently on sale by them, their Gold, Bronze, Cwrw Lager, and the Bleddyn 1075 from their Brewpub in Llantrisant called The Wheatsheaf. The lovely little pub also had a good selection of Newmans beers on Tap, currently being Red Castle Cream, Wolvers and Autumn Valley Flower.

I have had the Bleddyn 1075 before but my notes on flickr were brief but i appeared to enjoy it.
So last night it poured an amber to brown colour with small head that laces well. A nice citrus aroma leads to a distinct grapefruit bitter taste thats not too overpowering. Overall a good beer with nice crispness and good use of hops.

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