Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Brewdog Punk IPA

Punk IPA and a Scelidosaurus.
If your someone who just likes to drink beer, buys from supermarkets or local convenience shops and doesn't read beer media then you may not be aware of Brewdog apart from what you see on the shelves.
I suppose that depends on how successful they have been getting into mainstream media and judging by their last efforts 'The End of History' thats pretty good.
On the shelves i see Punk IPA, in a 330ml bottle at the same price as most of the 500ml bottles. Now before i knew who they were and that they made pretty well regarded beer i would be in two minds about buying any of the bottles. Actually though not two minds for very long, i would discount it quickly. If i can get a Fullers/Badger/Adnams beer, good beer and 170mls more for the same money that seemed a no brainer to me.
However i have been meaning to try one of their beers now for a while and last week Tesco's reduced the Punk IPA 4 bottle pack to £3.43, or 85p a bottle so no excuses any more.

Is there any point doing a review? you've all drunk it too haven't you?
Just to say i loved the big flavour, the way the massive bitterness brings it on, tropical fruits and glorious colour.

Been tweaking the blog design also, better i think.

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  1. Reviews are often interesting even if about stuff that most bloggers have tried. Punk IPA is a good one to get you started on the Brew Dog range. The Physics is also a nice one to get hold of.