Sunday, 5 September 2010

I'll have a half of......

several lovely ales at the Boars Head festival 2010,
as described in my last post. (Photo from their Facebook page)
A lovely pub, certainly somewhere where i will return in the near future, although i stupidly forgot to ask what they currently had on tap post festival.

Anyway up first was indeed the Brewdog 'Trashy Blond' - lovely golden colour, lasting head, hops and nice subtle bitterness. Enjoyable start to the evening.
Rob from Rob's beer quest recommended the York 'Guzzler' and i duly moved onto that. A good floral crisp golden ale, went down very well, thanks Rob!
Next was another i was looking forward to, you read so much good stuff about the Thornbridge brewery, including the 'Jaipur IPA' so i ordered that. It is a lovely beer, beautiful aroma but was not quite as i was expecting, perhaps i had built it up too much in my mind, i was expecting more punch from the hops, more bitterness.

Nevermind - onwards, and we tried the Green Jack 'Orange Wheat'. Very smooth and very drinkable, light orange aroma and taste, not overpowering at all. I'll jump to my last drink of the night which was their 8.5% 'Ripper' they describe as  
"Green Jack Brewing Company’s champion Barley Wine. Inspired by Belgian tripel ales this multi-awarding winning brew is dangerously drinkable. Rich amber in colour Ripper is sweet and fruity with a warming finish."
 Really good, punchy alcohol taste and indeed very warming, perhaps a bit overly sweet though. Didn't stop me having a second though which in hindsight probably wasn't a good idea!!

Inbetween the two Green Jack beers i had a stout (possibly the Hop Back 'entire stout', not sure) which was smooth, nutty and coffee. Didn't enjoy the Sarah Hughes 'Dark Ruby Mild'.
The Brewsters 'Stilton Porter' was very good however, full flavored with spice and caramel and a good roasted bitterness.

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