Thursday, 2 September 2010

Boars Head Beer Festival - What to drink?

The Boar's Head in Tyla Garw, South Wales is quite close for me yet i've never been to one of their festivals, barely been to the pub actually, the curse of very young children and shift work i'm afraid. And annoyingly i'm again toiling in a work place depressed in the knowledge i'm missing out on these beers, as posted by blogger Brew Wales.(Thanks for the list).
 If I get some time to go what would you recommend? I've got to make it count! I'm quite keen to try the Brewdog as i'm not likely to see anything by them on cask very often down here, and from the beer blogs i know the Thornbridge and Dark Star beers are very good. (The Old Slug porter and Summer lightening i have had before so i'll give them a miss.)

BREWDOG - 'Trashy Blond'

BREWSTERS - 'Decadence'

BREWSTERS - 'Rutterkin'

BREWSTERS - 'Stilton Porter'

CHEDDAR ALES - 'Gorge Best'

CHEDDAR ALES - 'Potholer'

CHEDDAR ALES - 'Bitter Bully'

CROUCH VALE - 'Amarillo'

CROUCH VALE - 'Brewer's Gold'

CROUCH VALE - 'Summer Breeze'

DARK STAR - 'American Pale Ale'

DARK STAR - 'Hophead'

DARK STAR - 'Sunburst'

GREEN JACK - 'Orange Wheat'

GREEN JACK - 'Ripper Tripel'

.HOPBACK - 'Crop Circle'

HOPBACK - 'Entire Stout'

HOPBACK - 'Summer Lightning'

.HOWARD TOWN - 'Snake Ale'

HOWARD TOWN - 'Longdendale Light'

.LODDEN - 'Bamboozle'

LODDEN - 'Ferrymans' Gold'

MAULDON - 'Mousetrap'

MAULDON - 'Silver Adder'

MAULDON - 'Suffolk Pride'

OAKHAM - 'Bishop's Farewell'

OAKHAM - 'Inferno'


RCH - 'Double Header'

RCH - 'Old Slug Porter'

RCH - 'PG Steam'

RED FOX - 'Red Fox Bitter'

RED FOX - Hunter's Gold'


RED FOX - 'Wily 'Ol Fox'

SARAH HUGHES - 'Dark Ruby Mild'

.SPRINGHEAD - 'Bare Bones'

SPRINGHEAD - 'Charlie's Angel'

SPRINGHEAD - 'Roaring Meg'

THORNBRIDGE - 'Craven Silk'



TRIPLE FFF - 'Stairway to Heaven'

TRIPLE FFF - 'Moondance'

WOLF - 'Granny Wouldn't Like It'

WOLF - 'Straw Dog'

WYE VALLEY - 'D.G. Golden Ale'

WYE VALLEY - 'Butty Bach'


.YORK - 'Guzzler'

YORK - 'Yorkshire Terrier'


  1. I would go for the York Guzzler early on, then make sure you try Dark Ruby Mild later down the line. Good selection tho.

  2. Crouch Vale ales are excellent as are Dark Star & Thornbridge. I'd also go for Hopback - their summer lightning is lovely!

  3. Unfortunately the other Thornbridge ones had gone by the time i was there, and i had intended to try Dark Star but forgot! The summer lightning is indeed great, it was what i recommended to my friend to start with.