Monday, 4 October 2010

Vale of Glamorgan - "Glamorgan"

Another beer from the Vale of Glamorgan brewery based in Barry, South Wales.
You may now have heard of them following some press coverage or on golf blogs for their special beer brewed for the Ryder Cup called 'Tiger Would'. As you can see with the pump clip they went for the subtle approach! I'm sure his lawyers would see the funny side of it!
Apparently as well as the cask version it will be now available in a limited run bottle version. My friend in the field (aka the pub) at the Barry 'Wetherspoons' found it on tap but unfortunately his was the bottom of the barrel and it was now off. Full marks to their customer service though, pint replaced and a free one too (probably those CAMRA vouchers he was flashing helped!).

Anyway, to the bottle in my hand 'Glamorgan' a big 7.0%  'traditional pale ale, full in body, strength and flavour. Using finest floor malted grain and selected hops'.
This was a light mahogany in colour, with the aroma of plums and toffee. I felt it had a sweetish aspect too, i have seen other reviewers sometimes mention juicyfruits or starburst sweets in relation to other beers and never knew what it meant but i think i got it here. Normally if i dont know what i'm tasting i do look for other reviews for guidence, a virtual education if you like, i taste it but cant name it.
 Beer.Birra.Bier blogger Mark wrote recently an excellent post on tasting notes recently.
This being a new beer i'm flying solo this time! Never mind, if you try it and i'm blatantly wrong please tell me what i was actually tasting!
Its quite full in the mouth but not long lasting, you get again a caramel toffee flavour and rich fruit. It in no way has the alcohol warmth of a 7% beer, very deceptive but to me it has the taste more of a barely wine than a pale ale. I might just put a couple away for Christmas.

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