Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pete Brown in Wales / Cowbridge Food Festival 2010

 No he's not at the festival as far as i'm aware, just a double post.

Firstly a plug for Pete Brown as his latest video blog has visited Wales, interestingly he say's he asked  but never heard back from Brains about filming, presumably this was because it was too short notice to remove all the smooth beers from site and put original decent beers on again.

This weekend is the established Cowbridge Food and Drink festival , with plenty of good food exhibitors, craft stuff, demonstrations and entertainment. Looking through the exhibitors the highlights for me are Otley brewing co., Penlon brewing co., and Warcop ales a small brewery based on the coast inbetween Cardiff and Newport. I've yet to try one of their beers, never seen a bottle and they were either sold out or 'not ready' at the Welsh festival in Cardiff this year unfortunately.

The best place however has to be at the pub surely! The 'Vale of Glamorgan' pub hosts an excellent beer festival over the last few years, and this Camra awarded pub is where i'm headed. For the cider drinkers across the road is the Brains pub and it usually hosts the cider festival at the 'Duke of Wellington'.

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