Saturday, 16 October 2010

Arkell's Bee's Organic & Kingsdown Special Ale

Arkell's is a Swindon based victorian steam brewery founded in 1843 which has now over 100 pubs on their books. Tonight i got two of their bottled beers in, the Bee's Organic Ale and Kingsdown Special Ale.

The Bee's Organic Ale is apparently available in  pasteurised and unpasteurised versions, what that means to me taste wise i've no idea but this was the pasteurised bottle. Light golden in colour, little malt aroma, light and pleasantly refreshing beer, and some sweetness from the honey which i found more as an aftertaste but gently so.

The Kingsdown Special Ale is labeled as a strong brew with an ABV of 4.8%,  but certainly is light in the mouth, i was expecting a more powerful fullness to it. A copper beer with some malt aroma but no head at all and little carbonation. For a strong ale, as i said, its very light, some sweet malt taste but little else, quite forgettable.

Overall one reasonable beer and one disappointment, but i dont think i would  look out for either again really.

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