Saturday, 2 October 2010

Celt Experience - Golden

Another beer from the Celt Experience from Caerphilly, this one being their 'Golden'.
From their website they say
This beer is named after the Golden Age of the Celtic people. The Celts dominated Mid-Europe before the Roman Empire stretched westwards and northward. In the Golden Age of Celtdom, the Celts waged successful wars in continental Europe, notably in around 500 BC where modern day Spain and Northern Italy were overthrown. The name Bracis-Curmi (malted beer) traces back to the ancient Celtic language or proto-celtic, an age where Celts were some of the first beer producers in Europe.. 

As you see a golden colour indeed, with a sweet citrus aroma. You get a fresh, again citrus, hoppy taste, and its quite dry and not too bitter. Overall a refreshing bottle.

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