Thursday, 28 March 2013

Brewdog Dead Pony Club

Brewdog Dead Pony ClubWhy cant I get this in a shop nearer to me?

Brewdog's 'Dead Pony Club' a 3.8% American Pale Ale, which absolutely kicks even though its deceased, expired, bereft of life, ceased to be.

Beautifully light pine and grapefruit hops aroma, a light breeze floating in, sucks you in.

Light in the mouth, but sings around it, well carbonated, there's a slight herbal edge but fruit and pine crash in, alongside mango and some spice. With the Simcoe and Citra hops you get the bitterness it needs, but really this is a great beer considering the abv.
Certainly one of their best 'regular' beers, just wished I could get it more easily.


  1. It's an odd one; it's not what you expect from BrewDog, in the sense that it is more 'regular' as you say. It pairs better with food, and it's a must-have option in a BrewDog bar (I went to the Camden BrewDog after a few beers and was not in the mood for their latest experimental head-splitters) but when, if, I see it around elsewhere I tend to pick 5am Saint over it.

    Sometimes their website may stock, worth a look, and the Rummer Tavern stock an increasing range of BrewDog beers behind the bar.

  2. the rummer tavern is still one I've yet to visit, must fix that. although this Friday I'm in town but not sure I'll make it past fire island!