Tuesday, 19 March 2013

SainsburysTap Room Brewing Co. beers

Sainsbury Taste the Difference American Pale AleTwo beers bought from Sainsbury's recently when in London, both in the 'Taste the Difference' range and made for them by the Tap Room Brewing Co. from Rochester, New York.

First up was the American Pale Ale, 5.3%  355mls, 'pale Ale US craft beer' described as having a ' complex hop aroma with deep flavours'.
Mmm, think I would have to question that.
There was little hop aroma, it was more malty toffee sweetness, very little bitterness. On plus side, good carbonation, nice head, but far too easy to drink, there was nothing in it to savour and hold in the mouth or contemplate.

When I logged into my Untappd feed I commented 'Rather dull, where's the hops?' so obviously that was my immediate impression. Tellingly someone commented back 'Exactly what I thought'.

Sainsbury Taste the Difference Tap Room IPA

Onto the second from the range, the IPA. Must admit at this point I was not hopeful.

Its 6.3%, 355mls, had an aroma that was cream, toffee and some spice to it.
 Again good carbonation and good head, this was a bit better although thin in the mouth. It had a better balance of the malt, some fruitness and spice, but rather light on the bitterness, at least there was some in this beer though.

When I bought these I also picked up a Brewdog Dead Pony Club which is 3.8% American Pale Ale which kicks this two beers all over the park, in every aspect.

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  1. I really like the American Pale Ale precisely because it is more of a malty, toffee-sweet one. I do like the occasional hop-blast beer, but I think I'm fonder of a malt-led ale, especially when it comes to this sort of ABV. It reminds me of a couple of other US pale ales - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale's one of them, maybe? - that have a similar malt profile. Or maybe I'm thinking of Fuller's ESB, which is a similar ABV and no pretentions towards over-hoppiness?

    Anyhow, I've keep a couple of bottles of this one around since I discovered it, and I keep going back for more. Might not be exactly-as-described, but it'll do for me :)