Sunday, 7 April 2013

Williams Brothers Fraoch Heather Ale

Williams Brothers Fraoch Heather AleI've been meaning to buy this for ages but on the occasion I've been in Morrison's I seem to have always passed it up at that time. Thankfully, last visit I did not.

I really liked this, and surprised myself in doing so, I thought it would be some 'quirky' beer which you just have to try and tick off, maybe you might like it but just because it is that quirky heritage beer, and probably never buy it again.

But actually I really quite enjoyed it and have indeed bought it since.

This beer is from a recipe that they say 'allows you to literally pour 4000 years of Scottish history into a glass', during brewing they add sweet gale and flowering heather into the beer, and it then is poured and allowed to infuse further in more heather. 5% abv, 500mls.

Pours a gold/copper colour, a lovely floral aroma, honey sweet notes, light but not thin body.
It has a great rounded flavour, the malts are sweet, the floral heather perfumes your mouth, its incredibly smooth. And I will be buying it again. You should too.


  1. This stuff is unusual but actually really good, probably my favourite of their brews. Nice cold on a summer evening.

  2. Very good indeed from the cask, if you can find it.

  3. not sure I've ever seen any of their beers on cask to be honest. perhaps they don't supply as far south as us.