Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jacobi Brewery of Caio 'Light Ale'

My third beer from the Jacobi brewery, following the very good 'Dark' and disappointing Red Squirrel, is their golden ale 'Light'.

A 3.8% abv 500ml bottle conditioned ale, and it was lively enough too.
Pours a light golden yellow, with a quite floral aroma and wafts of citrus.
It has a good light body, not too thin, and citrus freshness and sharpness. A little oily in texture, and as it warmed I got some buttery notes, plus it became grassy too.
Sweetness is provided by hints of honey, and matched with some hop bitterness which help it stay crisp throughout

Not bad, I would imagine on a hot summers day this bottle chilled perfectly would go down quite well.

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