Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Jacobi Brewery of Caio Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel is a bitter from the small Welsh outfit Jacobi Brewery of Caio, previously reviewed here.
Its 4% abv, 500mls, and I got it as part of a 3 bottle gift set at a food festival a couple of months ago.
 The 'Dark' ale of theirs was very pleasant, and I still have 'Light' to try.

On opening it pours a sort of red/brown, a little murkey to be honest.

Its aroma is upfront, its got some cherry sweets that dominate, also some sour/green apple.
Its body is a little oily, sweet floral taste, cherry again, its dry with a not totally pleasant bitterness.
As it went on the aroma became more appley, and the taste became a little buttery.

I suspect this beer is not supposed to taste this way, I'm hoping its a bad bottle for some reason or another, certainly when I had a sample at the brewery stand at the festival I do not recall noticing those flavours then. One to try again with fingers crossed.


  1. My mum bought me the same four Jacobi beers for Christmas. I had the same experience with my Red Squirrel, Buttery and not very nice. I found the pale and the honey undrinkable. But really liked the dark roasted one. I think maybe the other three were just too old but with way too much diacetyl.

  2. Thats interesting sam, shame really.
    I still have yet to have the 'light' ale, hopefully its not suffered to much.