Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Scottish Craft Brewed Lager

Picked up at Sainsbury's by my wife as she wasn't sure what I'd had or hadn't had in the beer isle, but she guessed correctly that this was one that would be new to me.

Made by the brewery Harviestoun, producers of other fine beers such as 'Bitter and Twisted' and 'Old Engine Oil' and the specialist line of whiskey aged beers 'Ola Dubh', one of which I have waiting in the wings myself.

This one made for Sainsbury's is 4.1% abv, 500mls. That is lighter than the 'Schiehallion' in their range which weighs in at 4.8%, and one I've not tried so I'm unable to compare.

Golden yellow in colour as one would assume for a lager, grass aroma, light citrus.
Reasonable carbonation, light and crisp, slightly herbal and grassy again, cereal malts, lemon.

Very enjoyable, decent lager, that thankfully leaves no nasty metallic after-taste, and I'd happily drink this again.
Certainly I'd choose this over the other 'craft lager' on their shelves, that being the Meantime London Lager which I found quite unappealing frankly.


  1. I had the Schiehallion on Saturday, it's a beautiful beer.

    I bought this when I read it was brewed by Harviestoun. I don't normally drink lager, I really enjoyed this.

  2. funny enough on saturday i had the M&S Scottish Craft Lager which is also made for them by Hariestoun, this time its 4.5%. A 3 way taste off should be organised by someone i think!!!