Friday, 5 August 2011

The perfect camping beer?

Last week i was away on holiday, down in Dorset with my folks, with some camping thrown in. We stayed outside Weymouth, had good weather and compostable toilets. Yup, they were real nice.

Anyway in planning the trip, supplies etc we were planning to stop at a Sainsburys near my Dads. This meant i could buy and have room for, in my insanely full car, very little beer (what with the kids needing food and all).
But i was sure i could get hold of the perfect camping beer. Small enough to pack in little spaces, fresh tasting to match with the great outdoors, strong enough for a couple to mellow your mind as you relaxed and gazed into the campfire.

the answer?
plastic beaker sir?
Kids in bed, sound asleep after running around a field in the fresh air all day, the darkness drawing in and the sight of campfires springing up beside almost every tent. The smell of sausages drifting on the air.
Relaxing with a beaker was heavenly, the peach and mango aroma, medium body that sings with fruit, bitterness, peaches, pineapple, soothing, my cares and stresses melting away into the flames licking around the logs.  
the cans fit perfectly under the car seat too.


  1. Punk IPA! I can't fault it. But I haven't seen the cans where I shop...

  2. there exclusive to Sainsburys currently