Thursday, 4 August 2011

Brain's Stouts - Original & Black

Newly launched by Brains is their Original Stout, 500ml bottle 4.1% abv. They've scored a big deal with Tesco for their beers, and this stout is part of the deal.

Seeing as they only launched their other stout 'Black' last year it does make you wonder about its future. I like Black (also 4.1%), its nice and easy to drink but if 'Original' is a success then where does that leave Black?
Was Black a test launch into the market? if it succeeded, which it has, then launch a proper named stout and maybe let Black fade away. If black had failed, well chalk it up as experience, you were up against Guinness after all! Perhaps wait a few years and try again?
The drinks.

Original stout - small light brown head, aroma initially chocolate but soon disappears and left with light nutty aroma, faint though. Bitterness coats the mouth, lingers at the top of the mouth well after you swallow.Medium body, medium roasted malts too.

Black - my previous notes said "Nice and smooth, excellent head that stays and laces the glass all the way, nutty aroma and good but light burnt caramel malt taste."
This time, as i seemed to drink more of the 'Original' first, when i got to the Black it was slightly warmer and seemed remarkable similar to the first although less bitter.


Probably an unfair taste test, black only comes in cans, nitro widget gives it smoothness and lasting creamy head. As i said i wonder if in a years time Black will still be around if 'Original' takes off,
Perhaps a bottle comparison with bottled Guinness would be a better test, seeing as that's the market it needs to swim in.

Overall, the new bottle is nice, neither to be honest are really exciting stouts, but they make for pleasant drinking. Which is preferred?  for me i think it is the new one, not having the widgetted smoothness is better, and the hop bitterness comes across better making it more rounded.

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